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The hemp strains that we grow have been chosen based on certain criteria: stability, vigor, terpene and cannabinoid profile, and overall yield. We are well versed with these strains, as we have been growing them for several years and understand the way they grow in all types of conditions and environments, whether it be indoors, outdoors or greenhouse, no matter the scale. This intimate knowledge of each strain allows us to help you to make the best choice that will give you an even better chance of having a successful and healthy grow which will lead to a bountiful harvest.


Abacus 2.0™

Colorado CBD Seed proprietary strain.

Abacus 2.0™ feminized hemp seed is one of the most desirable smokable hemp strains on the market. After years of genotype selecting, Abacus™ feminized hemp seed is finally available. Abacus 2.0™ has a unique terpene profiles as compared to all of the hemp strains currently on the market. It has a true OG terpene profile which is nice for smoking and is a large flower producer. Because Abacus 2.0™ is a vertically growing hemp strain, we recommend some additional spacing if you’re growing for smokable flower production, at 4000-6000 plants per acre.


Abacus Diesel™

Colorado CBD Seed Proprietary Strain

Abacus Diesel is one of most sought after hemp strains on the market for smokable flower. After many crosses of the Abacus and Abacus 2.0 we have found the strongest, gassy terpene profile of all hemp strains and even some marijuana diesel strains. Abacus Diesel in both flower and oil form will truly make you wonder, “how is this hemp?”.


Abacus Early Bird™

Colorado CBD Seed Proprietary Strain.

Abacus EB (“Early Bird”) feminized hemp seeds are recommended for our large-scale agricultural hemp farmers. If you are looking for a fast-growing, large-flower-producing strain that can be harvested early, the Abacus “Early Bird” feminized hemp seed is for you. “Early Bird” feminized hemp seed is not an auto-flower strain, which typically tend to stay small, but instead a vigorous growing strain which not only allows you to harvest early, but maximizes your yield per acre and depending on location, can potentially get you multiple harvests per year. In 2018, outdoor harvest date was Aug 24th, yielded over 1.5 lbs. per plant, and this particular strain was from seed sowed directly into the ground. “Early Bird” feminized hemp seed produces flower that has minor cannabinoids CBDV and CBC which comes out to be almost 5% in the extracted oil. “Early Bird” is a vertical strain which can be row cropped. Based on past success, growing large-scale outdoor, we recommend planting up to 10,000 plants per acre.

Abacus Early Bird™ 2.0

Colorado CBD Seed Proprietary Strain.



Cherry Abacus™

Colorado CBD Seed Proprietary Strain

Cherry Abacus™ is a hemp strain of Original Cherry crossed with our Abacus™ that we bred in 2016. Out of 2000+ plants we selected two genotypes with the berriest terpene profile. Imagine the strong Cherry essence combined with the wild berry smell of the Abacus™. This is the personal favorite of the team for smokable hemp strains. Cherry Abacus™ is a vertical strain, and we recommend planting the feminized hemp seed at 5000-7000 plants per acre.


Cherry Abacus™



Colorado CBD Seed Proprietary Strain

Cherry Abacus 2.0 feminized hemp seed is a back cross of our very desirable Cherry Abacus and backed crossed it into our Abacus 2.0 Diesel feminized hemp strain, we expect the terpene profile to have a Berry Diesel profile. Cherry Abacus feminized hemp seeds will be ready 2020.



Colorado CBD Seed Proprietary Strain

Spec7™ feminized hemp seed is a large producing later maturing strain, perfect for offsetting harvest dates while maintain a large production of flower and oil. Spec7™ has become one the most medicinal feminized hemp strains we have seen to date. The terpene profile has one of the largest spectrums we have recorded and the feedback from people who either use the oil in a tincture or edible or smoke the flower, has been positive across the board. Spec7™ feminized hemp is a bushier strain and requires a larger foot print then Abacus™ strains. Recommended 3000-5000 per acre.